Pro-tips for engineering students at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology

One of the toughest educational programs, B. Tech is all about commitment and hard work. Crazy study schedules, deadlines, intense study sessions and brain racking exams – are all a part of an aspiring engineer’s life. Here are some life hacks or tips for engineering students at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.

When you begin your life as an engineering student, getting accustomed to the new environment can be quite a bit of a challenge. The people & the atmosphere might be completely different from home and striking the right balance does not come easy. Add to that the tight student budget that you probably will be living on.

Hence to ease your worries, besides the ‘work hard and study smart’ rule, here are some other pro-tips you can follow that will help wade your way through student life:

Recognise what you need

Engineering students have to deal with a range of technical and conceptual material. There are a lot of ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ to be understood rather than just memorized. But first begin by understanding what you need for comprehending the material – is it more practical applications & exercises to understand theory or more visual representations of data and formulas.

Reward Yourself

If you follow a monotonous study pattern, getting distracted is quite easy but it is very detrimental for your academics. Hence, to stop yourself from losing focus, set up small goals and create incentives for yourself for accomplishing them.

For example, if you have a particular topic to revise, set a timer for the task and once completed, reward yourself by treating yourself with your favourite food, listening to music or any activity that you like.

Switch up the environment

Studying in the same place daily dampens productivity as well as creativity. Try exploring other places that are convenient and help you focus, such as a library or a park or any place of your liking that motivates you.

animated pci of boy in bed while morning alarm sounds

Give your morning alarm a boost

If you are always late for class, here is a pro-tip – set your alarm and place your phone into an empty glass beside your bed before you sleep. It may seem silly but does work. Placing your phone in a glass creates an Echo Chamber Effect, which boosts the sound of your alarm. The loud noise won’t let you over sleep or miss your class.

Use your phones smartly

Ideally, gadgets should be put away when studying. On receiving a notification, many cannot resist going through it and the next thing you know, you have wasted hours scrolling through apps.  If putting the phone on silent doesn’t work for you, download a self-control app. These apps block the other selected apps/sites for a time you specify to ease distractions.

Beating the summer woes

Hot weather can really hamper productivity as high temperatures hinder in the normal functioning of the brain. If your hostel room gets too hot during the afternoon, hang a wet towel on the window of your room or door. You can also wrap a small, wet towel on your head. This hack will make the weather cooler and maintain a healthy internal body temperature.

Make your health a priority

This is should go without saying but with so much going on around, neglecting your health becomes very normal. So, make sure that you sleep well, eat well, get enough rest and engage yourself in a hobby or activity of your liking to manage stress levels.

These are some simple hacks or tips for engineering students at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology that will help improve focus and eliminate distractions and with some trial-and-error, you can easily find the methods that work for you.