Polytechnic courses at JIT

Polytechnic courses are a boon for the youngsters who are looking to give their careers a quick head start. Best understood as short diploma courses, Polytechnic courses at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology impart specialized vocational education in technical streams such as engineering, science, technology, media and so on. These are short duration courses, aiming to make students employable in 2-3 years.

Recognised by AICTE, Jahangirabad Institute of Technology has a wide spectrum of diploma and polytechnic courses to offer, that can help students to imbibe the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their fields and get employment soon after.

As compared to mainstream technical and engineering programs, polytechnic courses have shorter course duration and a more affordable fees structure. But these are not the only reasons behind the popularity of polytechnic courses. They are fast emerging as a more popular choice among young aspirants for the multiple benefits they offer. As with any other technical field, polytechnic courses also rely on a practical approach more than theory but here the need for an application-oriented approach is much greater because these courses take less time to complete than the regular programs such as a degree course in Science, Arts or Commerce.

Polytechnic courses at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology include programs in different engineering streams such as a diploma in civil engineering, computer science & engineering, electrical engineering, electronics & communication engineering and mechanical engineering. Our courses are a blend of practical applications, hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge so that students are able to gain in-depth understanding of the concepts. Our focus is to ensure that the students are able to strike the right balance between skills and knowledge. It will transform them into confident and competent individuals, ready to adapt to the changing work environment and face the challenges of professional life.

Polytechnic courses are also perfect for those students who wish to start early. The minimum eligibility requirement for admission is High School or Grade 10th level and the preparation for the same can be started from grade ninth itself, so that the student is better prepared for the entrance test conducted by the technical board.

Those who hold polytechnic diplomas often find themselves in a better position to seize job opportunities as they are often considered more adaptable and flexible than those who pursue regular courses. The course also opens up countless avenues for individuals seeking self-employment opportunities and for those who wish to continue their studies further, a polytechnic diploma improves their qualifications to secure admission into the 2nd year of an engineering course. All the aspirant needs to do is appear for an ESET exam.

In today’s cut-throat world, polytechnic courses are an ideal yet less competitive choice for students, opening up several opportunities that lead towards a promising future and career growth.