Medical Camp 2016

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Four Days Medical camp was organised by Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC) and Jahangirabad Educational Trust Group of Institutions (GETGI) at JMI campus. During all four days 1852 patients were examined. They have been provided free medicines and check ups including blood test, X-ray, eye test.

Every year, IMRC assemble team of doctors from the United States to volunteer for the health camps to provide medical care to economically poor patients who are unable to afford the high cost of treatment.

The camp was held from February 20 to February 23, 2016.

The 4-day multi-diagnostic medical camp was inaugurated by Mr Abdul Hameed Superintendent of Police, Barabanki.

He termed this event as tool for helping deprived section of society.

Definitely these type of event increase health awareness to those who are unable to go to the doctors for want of money.” He said.

A qualified medical team of 6 doctor- headed by US Based ER Physician Mr John Rosenberge – specially came down from USA for the Medical camp.

USA medical team comprises of Paediatrics’, Gynaecologists, Ophthalmologists, ENT, General and Internal medicine professionals, was supported by three local doctors and paramedic staff.

Approximately 1852 patients were served ranging from a broad range of age groups and ailments. Patients received medications and X-ray, Eye Test and blood tests free of charge.

Three months ago, I slipped while walking on the road. Being poor, I went to local govt. hospital where doctors treated me for fractured arm but I used to feel the excruciating pain everyday till I came in this camp. Here doctors confirmed after the X ray that I don’t have any fracture and there was some limitation with my arm muscles,” said Noorjahan, 70 from Village Ajganai, Barabanki.

Another patient, Ravi Mishra , 22 travelled around 400 kms from Village Ratsar to get examined in free medical camp.

I recovered from jaundice some months ago but after recovery, I am feeling entirely weak. I used to play football for two hours every day but now I can’t barely walk for 2 minutes, that’s why, I came here to get checked by the US doctor, Dr. Moustafa Elkhier. He asked me to go through some liver test. I got the desired test done and now I started taking medicine hope to recover soon .” said Ravi.

Shahbuddin, 65 is suffering from blurry vision since last 4 years. He travelled 35 km from village Banshasareef, Barabanki (UP) to get examined in the Medical Camp.

He said, “I went to various eye specialists but they don’t do the kind of check-up which doctors here are doing for free of cost. At other hospitals they charge a lot of money but do not treat us properly. Here everything, they are dong for free. For medicines and necessary tests, I have to pay nothing.”

Dr John Rosenberg, Physician who has been volunteering for the health camps since IHI inception said, “In last four days of medical camp, I came across three patients of active Tuberculosis whom I referred to specialised government hospitals. Most of the patients coming here are having pneumonia, anaemia besides having abdominal pains due to drinking unsafe water.”

I saw hundreds of young patients with infection in lungs, stomach and skin. Also we had some patients with seizures,” said Dr M Kamil Ahmed, Paediatrician, volunteering for IMRC’s IHI.

There were varieties of patients in this health camp. Many of them had upset stomach, indigestion, joint pains, short breaths and also some emphysema patients who smoke a lot. There were around 10 patients with serious pulmonary diseases,” said Dr M A Gafoor, Internal and Family Medicine, volunteering for IMRC’s IHI.

Manzoor Ghori, Executive Director of Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC) said, “Due to lack of access to medical care, poor population of this country is at the receiving end of getting diagnosed at the final stages of diseases. With these health camps we are also making sure those poor patients apart from getting the medical treatment also open up to the preventive care of treatment.”

Executive Director of IMRC and Chairman of Jahangirabad Educational Trust Group of Institutions Mr. Manzoor Ghori overwhelmed with the response of medical camp.

Earlier Medical camp was set to be held for three days only but seeing the increasing numbers of patients we decided to extend it for another day and we received tremendous response” He said.

Dr. K M Rafi, Director JIT welcomed the chief guest. He said that there are numbers of people who are unable to reach doctors as they can’t pay their fees and afford the medicine and check up charges. It is an initiatives that can help them a lot.

Dr. A.K. Mishra, Dr. Tufail Ahmad, Dr. Javed Siddiqi, Mohd Zubair Khan, Afaqe Ahamd, Ashraf Ali Khan and all staff/faculty members were present at this event.