Text Book / Book Bank

The Section containing Text Books, Book Bank is located the Central Library. Apart printed versions of the documents, this section also makes available e-text books which are unique in their nature and widely used with perpetual access. The e-text books are accessible to the campus users round the clock. The Text Book & Book Bank section is the back bone of the Central Library as it caters to the course needs of the students and therefore the documents from this section are in high demand throughout the year. A portion inside the section is available for serious reading which is perhaps the most comfortable reading area in the whole library.

Text Books:

Text books are most reliable source of information to the Faculty and the Students of JIT Barabanki especially for course/syllabus related reading. The section has approximately 8,500 syllabus related text books. The books for this section are purchased generally on the recommendation from different faculty members through the concerned Head of the Department. The timings for issuing the books from the Text Book Section are from 2 PM to 5 PM during Monday to Saturday.

Book Bank:

Book Bank is housed in the Text Book section of the Central Library. Book Bank is a very good service which offers upto 6 books issued to every student for the whole semester on a very nominal rental amount. It has a syllabus related dedicated collection of about 15000 books which is regularly updated. The service is available for all students only. The books from the section are in high demand as they cover the syllabus of the students.