For using the library facilities, students are to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The students are supposed to show the library card, when demanded.
  2. Personal book(s) and bags are not allowed inside the Library.
  3. The students are to leave them at the property Counter (Rack near the Library gate).
  4. The students are to ensure not to keep valuable things in their bag. Library is not responsible for any kind of loss.
  5. The students are not supposed to engage in audible conversation in any part of the Library. Library is meant only for reading/studying activities.
  6. The Do not write on, damage or mark any book belonging to the Library.
  7. Use of mobile phone in the Library is prohibited.
  8. Smoking, chewing and spitting in the library is prohibited.
  9. Library documents must not be taken out of the library unless a Library staff has properly issued them.
    All books must be shown to the staff at the library exits.
  10. The library staff has the right to ask users to leave the library if they are inappropriately dressed or are causing a disturbance.



  1. Students must produce their library card while borrowing the books.
  2. Students must check to see that books in their possession have been properly checked out to them before leaving the library.
  3. Students are held responsible for all the materials issued against their library card.
  4. Students must check and report any mutilation found at the time of issuing the book. At the time of return, no plea about its bad condition shall be accepted, if returned in damaged/disfigured condition.
  5. Students must report the loss of document immediately to the Circulation Section of the Library and they must pay the compensation for the lost document.
  6. Students must ensure that the books issued to them are returned or renewed on or before the due date.
  7. The documents on loan with the students can be recalled by the Library at any time.



  1. Students are fined 5 rupee per day for each volume levied from the DUE DATE.
  2. Book bank charges per semester will be Rs.25/- for each book.
  3. If student fails to return a book or produces damaged book for return, he/she is liable to compensate that books either by substituting the material or paying for it.
  4. The amount of the book decided by the Librarian is final