Journalism and Mass Communication at Jahangirabad Media Institute

Are you a creative person? Does your curiosity set you on the path to learn new things or do you have an insatiable drive to explore the unknown? If the answer is yes, then taking up a course in Journalism and Mass Communication at Jahangirabad Media Institute might be the right start for you.
Journalism and Mass Communication or simply Mass Comm. as it is popularly called, is fast emerging as one of the more popular courses among students. It has the potential to be a fulfilling career choice for the creative souls or those who have an interest and skills in public speaking, arts, and journalism.
However, before we proceed further, it is important to understand the difference between Journalism and mass communication. The terms though used interchangeably, are vaguely distinct. While journalism means keeping the masses informed about the current news and may include investigative elements, mass comm. simply refers to disseminating information to huge masses of people at once through various media channels. As a degree, it is a comprehensive course that offers a broad spectrum of career prospects that includes print, electronic and new media, photography, advertisement, public relations, film making and so on.
The core of Mass Communication lies in communication skills which are critical for professional growth irrespective of the field you choose. The skills that you learn as a student during your graduation and post-graduation define your way to success. A Mass Communication degree transforms students into a team building and conflict resolving professional with quick thinking abilities.
Here’s what you can expect if you are looking forward to pursuing a career in journalism & mass communication:

A world of possibilities

A TV news anchor, a reporter (crime, sports, Page3, etc.), script writer, photographer, public relations officer, advertising professional, Radio Jockey (RJ), event manager and so on, the list is endless. With a mass communication degree, you can opt for either of these careers or even switch to management fields if you’d like. The inclusiveness of the course allows you to delve into practically every field.

Perspective & Exposure

As a mass comm. student, you’ll learn that there is no one particular way of doing things. You are free to discover the world from an entirely new perspective and develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. There is no ‘wrong way’ or ‘right way’ here as everyone has their unique style & own way of doing things.


Mass Comm. is all about creativity. Students opting for Journalism and Mass Communication at Jahangirabad Media Institute are encouraged to explore their skills and potential to full capacity and figure out their working styles which may be different from the rest. You learn to get over your hesitation of public speaking, hone your writing skills and bring your thoughts to life in the form of art and designs.
Since 2005, Jahangirabad Media Institute (JMI) has endeavored towards creating a dynamic environment where ideas and creativity can flow freely. Our state of the art technology and infrastructural facilities, a dynamic & experienced faculty, the media practitioners and an all-inclusive courseware is what distinguishes us over the rest.
Just like other degree courses, Mass Communication too demands effort, determination, and focus. Once you start pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication at Jahangirabad Media Institute with complete dedication, you can be assured of a rewarding and bright future ahead.