JIT Faculty undergoes ‘Train the Trainer’ program by IIT Bombay

As an educational institution, Jahangirabad Institute of Technology always looks for ways to improve the way we impart vocational education. But before focusing on the classroom, it is crucial to take a step back and think that if the pedagogy needs to improve, what must be worked upon is the initial faculty training. For this purpose, IIT Bombay conducted a two-day ‘Train the Trainer’ program at the Jahangirabad Institute of Technology Campus in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.


Train the Trainer Program

The “Train the Trainer” program has expanded its reach in many different fields such as the corporate world, educational institutes and even medicine and laboratories. Just the fact that it has been successful in reaching out to so many arenas speaks about its ease of adoption.

According to the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness, Train the Trainer basically means “initially training a person or people who, in turn, train other people at their home agency”. Simply put, one with considerable knowledge shares their expertise with a group of internal trainers from an organization. This group in turn then utilises this information to teach others.

In the corporate world, training is fundamental in companies as it makes sure that the employees are re-evaluating and improving their skills which help companies reinvent, for this purpose those involved in training are first trained in an effective way. Similarly, in education relying on the ‘lecture-based approach’ and reading out information to the students in a black and white way will not be enough. The students as well as those teaching them should feel engaged and consider classroom time as a step forward in their career & personal progression.

Group picture of JIT Faculty members who completed the Faculty Development Program conducted by IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay program for Jahangirabad Institute of Technology

Suiting this purpose, the Train the Trainer program allows room for coaching and sharing feedback and at the same time, it gives the trainers new tools & technology about what to teach and how to teach. Knowledge is shared more effectively among members and they make the most out of the new age teaching tactics that help students retain information quickly. Besides, it helps in better communication and flexibility when teaching concepts and processes.
The two-day program by IIT Bombay is designed to develop and refresh the trainer’s familiarity with the specifics of a new/revised module. Online education and technology are changing how education is imparted; hence this program aimed to empower the JIT faculty members to use technology to enhance the quality of education by including methodologies such as using information and communication technology in education, online courses, blended & hybrid education and its adoption in the teaching-learning process among the basic outline.

Testimonial from a JIT Faculty Member after undergoing the IIT Bombay Training Program:

I always ran away from mathematics and engineering. To avoid these subjects, I chose journalism as a profession. After passing my 12 years as a journalist, I joined Jahangirabad Media Institute of Jahangirabad Institute of Technology, Barabanki as a Professor of Journalism. But, engineering and technology followed me here as well. Our college was made a resource centre of IIT Bombay and we became a part of its Faculty Development Program. Even though fearful, I participated in it and successfully completed the course of using technology in higher education.
Thank you, IIT Bombay, who taught a non-technical person like me to deal with technology.
At the same time, I would like to thank the Principal of the college, Dr. Naim-ur-Rahman Kidwai, who was the inspiration behind my participation in this training program.