Intellectual Capital at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology

Intellectual Capital of Jahangirabad Institute of Technology (JIT): Faculty and Management

Education is considered as one of the noblest endeavours and educational institutes, the social organisations that are involved in producing, collecting, preserving and passing on knowledge. The responsibility of disseminating this knowledge lays with the faculty members who form the core of any educational institution. The faculty not only fulfils the mission and vision of an institution; rather they form the human capital of the organisation as they take on the roles of guides and mentors for the students.  And this ‘human capital’, associated together with ‘knowledge’ refers to the intellectual capital of an academic institution. In the simplest terms, intellectual capital is an intangible asset that forms the sum of the knowledge everybody in an institution holds which distinguishes it from the rest.

Although intellectual capital is usually considered in the context of private business organisations, there has been an increased interest among academic institutes as well. This is mainly because such institutes are engaged in producing and distributing knowledge. Besides, having sound intellectual capital helps in increasing the transparency in institutions and strengthens the industry-academia relationship. Periodical monitoring works as a motivating factor for the senior academic staff to keep up with the fast-moving environment, thus maintaining high standards of quality teaching.

Understanding that faculty members are a central element to the quality of a higher education institution, our esteemed faculty at Jahangirabad Institute of Technology includes members from various fields- all of which are experts in their respective domains and possess years’ worth of experience.

Offering courses in different areas of studies such as Engineering, Media or Mass Communication, Jahangirabad Institute of Technology comprises eight departments in the fields of technology, management and media. The sum total of number of years of teaching experience of each faculty member counts as many decades, altogether. JIT takes immense prides in its competent, research-oriented and dedicated faculty members, many of whom are Ph.D. holders with decades of experience in their respective subjects.

As an educational institute, our responsibility is not restricted to distributing knowledge. We are equally responsible for the creation of knowledge. Hence at Jahangirabad Institute of technology, we are committed towards increasing the number of accomplished professionals in our institute who know how to create information, rather than simply re-producing existing information.

We actively work towards maintaining a favourable faculty student ratio to ensure efficient that teaching and learning. Moreover, a suitable ratio paves the way for a better connect between professors and students. It enables more interaction and engagement in academic activities which further helps the student to excel in studies. The professors, on the other hand, are able to understand the learning needs of their students and mentor them accordingly.