Faculty of Applied Sciences

Applied science is a bridge that connects pure, basic science like Physics, Maths and Chemistry with engineering practices. Faculty and students in applied science employ fundamental physical and chemical principles to create
innovative new technologies. These novel solutions are then handed off to Engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important community problems. Highly qualified and experience
faculty and staff in Department of Applied Science and Humanities helps in kindling the internet inquisitiveness in the young minds of first year student. The Department believes in following four pillars:

To Explore
To Experiment
To Check
To Innovate

It generates interest in them at an early stage to learn and understand the principles of engineering and applied sciences. They also develop the skills of communication with peers, seniors and teachers. The course of applied science is supported with well-equipped labs.


1. Physics Lab
2. ChemistryLab
3. Language Lab

For any query regarding course, feel free to contact:

Dr. Farhat A  Ansari
Email: farhat.ansari@jit.edu.in
Mob: 7526057875