Civil Engineering

Course Brief

Civil Engineering (CE) is one of the most preferential engineering disciplines. CE deals with the design, construction and development of infrastructure. CE is an art which traces back to the early development of civilizations since Harappan times. Civil Engineering plays vital role in nation building. In current scenario the need of civil engineers has rapidly increased to meet out the requirement of modernization. Hence there is great scope and opportunities in India and abroad for Civil Engineers. The course runs as per the guidelines provided by AKTU, Lucknow.

Course Info

Besides the basic and engineering sciences, the curriculum in Civil Engineering covers various professional subjects e.g. Structures, foundation, construction, works management and cost transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering & earthquake technology etc.

The Department has the following fully equipped laboratories:


  • Strength of Materials (SoM) Lab
  • Survey Lab
  • Environmental Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Geotechnical Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Transportation Lab