Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering aims at imparting high quality technical knowledge which is not only limited to classroom teaching and performing labs, but it goes far beyond it by adopting new methods of teaching and also by constantly motivating the students for industrial visits to make them ready to tackle any kind of challenge or impediments which they will face in their
professional career Teaching is not limited to classrooms only but also by going colorful i.e. by adopting power-point presentations, online lectures, field visits etc.Lectures of the respective faculty members are also available on MOODLE, slide share etc.


1.Building Materials Lab
2.Surveying and Geo-informatics Lab
3.Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics and
Hydraulic Machines lab
4.Geotechnical Engg lab
5. Transportation Engg lab
6.Environmental Engg lab
7.Structures Lab
8.Computer Aided Design Lab


For any query regarding course, feel free to contact:

Mr Yaser Saleem Siddiqui

Contact No: 7272000710


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Department of Civil Engineering