Certificate Course in News Anchoring and Reporting

With so many news channels flooding our television screens, news anchoring and reporting is coming up as a rewarding career option for those who are fascinated by Media and Journalism. The field is quite lucrative for those who seek recognition or have the knack for digging out news and presenting it on camera. Both the job roles i.e. News Reporter and News Anchor, are very important to a news channel and have their own significance in determining the success quotient of the organization. Here’s taking a brief look at the job descriptions.

A News Anchor is someone who presents news from inside a studio. Also known as news presenters or news readers, they may or may not be working journalists. Although sometimes they are required to present news from outdoor locations in case of important events.

News Reporters, on the other hand, have more of a field job. They have to go around searching and collecting news and their work is quite challenging in comparison to that of a news anchor. A reporter must have the skill to identify news and for this purpose, they have to stay in touch with numerous sources who can keep them informed as soon as something news-worthy takes place. They may even have to travel or attend events like press conferences to report on the latest happenings.

For those aspiring to become a news anchor, one must be well versed in the art of talking or public speaking. And while the job may seem easy on paper, it is in reality, quite a challenging one. News anchors often have to face tense and uncomfortable situations and thus having the skills to deal with them tactfully becomes a necessity. Additionally, they are also the representatives of the channels and serve as the link that directly connects them to the audience. This means that one must be able to maintain their composure no matter what the circumstances.

Media and Journalism Students experimenting with a tripod mounted camera.

Despite the difference in their job profiles, both – news anchoring and reporting are demanding professions that ask for a lot of responsibility. Anyone aspiring to be successful news anchor or press reporter must possess certain skills. For starters, good communications skills and confidence are a must to start building career in this field. Moreover, both of them should have in-depth knowledge of subjects such as politics, history, sports and global affairs, besides having a charming personality.

Jahangirabad Media Institute offers a short-term certificate course in news anchoring and reporting to help you excel in your dream job. Our courses are perfectly designed to suit industry requirements and can be pursued by anyone who wishes to become a News Reporter or News Anchor and make a career in Media and Journalism.

Since these professions are based on practice more than theory, we follow a practical course structure that gives you hands-on experience in various real-life scenarios. Besides the basics of new anchoring and reporting, our course lays special emphasis on voice modulation, body language, voice over, speech training on diction and pronunciation.

Get in touch with us to get more details on eligibility criteria for admissions, course curriculum, teaching methodology, and job opportunities in this segment.