Certificate Course in Cinematography

If you are looking to become a camera person, a certificate course in cinematography might be an ideal option for you. Like diploma courses, certificate courses train you in a specific skill but are they less comprehensive in structure. The time taken to complete a certificate course is much shorter – usually one year or less. Of all the academic courses out there, certificate courses are the shortest and least expensive course of study. They are most suitable for professions that demand practical knowledge more than a full time degree or diploma. Jahangirabad Institute of Technology offers a variety of courses that last for over three months, one of them being a certificate course in cinematography.

Let us try to understand what is cinematography. It is a term widely used in film-making. It is the process of creating motion picture photography. It is an art that forms the basis of the whole process of shooting a film.

The person responsible for shooting a film is known as the cinematographer or the director of photography (DOP) and works in coordination with the director of the film to achieve the desired results. The cinematographer is also in-charge of the camera and lighting departments and takes all the critical decisions regarding how the movie should look and feel.

The word cinematography finds its root in the Greek word kinema, which means ‘movement’ or ‘motion’ and graphein which means ‘to record’. Together they mean ‘recording motion’. Its history can be traced back to the 1830s when moving images were created on revolving drums and sticks. The earliest surviving motion picture was a film titled ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ by Louis Le Prince. The move was shot on paper film in 1888 in Roundhay, England.

Nowadays, movies are recorded and disseminated digitally. This is called digital cinematography and has gained dominance in the last few years. The movies are captured on digital devices such as a flash drive and are distributed through hard disks.

Even today, the common people have a very vague idea about cinematography. They often mistake it to be all about camera movements. But this couldn’t be further away from the truth. More than just about camera motion, cinematography is the art of evoking emotions in the audience. The essence of cinematography lies in some important elements, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Camera angles and Lens
  • Camera Movements
  • Framing and Shot Sizes
  • Depth of field and Focus
  • Filters

All these factors must complement each other to create the desired impact. Even the slightest error in deciding upon the combination of time, lighting, speed and camera work can spoil the visual appeal of the movie. Therefore, the cinematographer needs to study the script very minutely before they can work on the lighting and camera framework.

One important thing to understand here is that cinematography at its core is photography. So, it is important to develop an understanding about its essentials such as aperture, exposure, shutter speed, etc. Anyone aspiring to become a cinematographer must keep it in mind.

Jahangirabad Institute of Technology offers a three month certificate course in cinematography. Our comprehensive course structure covers the all basics of cinematography and is most suitable for those willing to make a career in this field.