Why should you opt for B. Tech as a career option?

Most of the students don’t pay attention to this, but if we look around us, engineering is everywhere. Right from the basics – the water we drink, the food we eat, the roads and the cars we drive to the planes we travel in – it is all thanks to an engineer. They build the world we live in and as economies and societies evolve, they work towards simplifying its growing complexities and shaping a better future. That is just one perspective of answering the question: Why should you opt for B. Tech as a career option? Read on to learn more…

As a career option, engineering is without a doubt, a demanding field. It is a constant work-in-progress field of study and you will have to build it up with experience. There will always be challenges to be faced, problems to be solved and questions that need to be answered. But if you are a curious soul who has often toyed around with the idea of how things work and like to seek practical solutions to the real world problems, then this might be your dream career.

However, if you are still unsure, here are five reasons to convince you that engineering is the right choice for you:

For the creative souls

Contrary to popular belief, engineering is not solely based on logic. Rather, it requires a good level of creativity. Engineers are basically innovators who come up with unique ideas, build new things and provide solutions to the problems the world faces on daily basis. And simply relying on logic doesn’t suffice. In fact, the more complex a problem, the more creativity is needed to solve it.

Intellectual advancement

Having an objective approach, problem-solving & analytical skills along with the ability to think logically are the most sought after skills in any profession. Pursuing engineering changes your thought process, makes you an adept leader & builds strong decision making skills so that you can provide practical solutions to problems.

Greater career opportunities

The scope of Engineering education or the B. Tech degree from Jahangirabad Institute of Technology isn’t confined to one industry. Within the trades or branches available, you can explore various fields such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, etc and pick a specialization of your choice, which means that career options are endless. You could opt for a field job or an office job– it’s totally up to you. In fact, due to such a universal skill set, a lot people holding important managerial positions in large MNCs today come from engineering backgrounds.

Contribute to society

There is always a ‘feel good’ factor when you know you have contributed positively to the society. If this is something you are passionate about and want to be a part of creating something for the world, then there is no better profession than this. The best part is that as a qualified B. Tech or engineer, your work will be out there for all to see in tangible forms.

Financial stability

There is a reason why engineering education is one of the most sought-after educational programs, especially in India. Engineers are one of the highest paid professionals, globally. If you are someone who wishes to work for highly reputed organizations and companies or simply wants a financially secure future and aren’t afraid of working hard for it, a degree in engineering is right match for you.

Engineering is a broad field which can be divided into several specialities, each requiring distinct abilities and knowledge. Each specialization also offers diverse career opportunities in fields that go beyond engineering.

At Jahangirabad Institute of Technology, Barabanki, our objective is to provide industry and research appropriate education that works in favour of the overall development of the students’ personality.

Jahangirabad Institute of Technology offers B. Tech and Diploma in Engineering programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Along with a highly qualified and dedicated team, we have sophisticated and modern laboratories and workshops where students are encouraged to work on study-oriented & lab-oriented projects.

Being an engineer is in no way simple, but if you’re out there in search of a fulfilling career, then this might just be it for you.