Behind the scene

Aadhil P M
Project Coordinator & Website Developer

Student of Computer Science & Engineering at JIT

Aboobacker Sidheeque M
Content Developer

Student of Civil Engineering at JIT.

Don’t ask what JIT Can do for you, but ask, what you can do for JIT.

We are highly inspired by the above thought which was given by our respected director Dr. K.M Rafi. To make the above thought in reality we initiated to redesign the college website.

For this project all our thoughts break their bounds, Our mind transcended all limitations,

And our consciousness expanded in every direction.As a result this is what we achieved.

We are also inspired by Mr. Atif Fareed and Mrs. Elain Fareed, who skilled us to serve the community without thinking the fruit of the action.

We believe this is only the beginning as we have bigger dreams to serve the JIT, to acquire more knowledge and succeed in life. There is still more to achieve.

Project Log:

07 January 2015  – Given proposal to redesign JIT website.

20 April 2015 – Completed the website design task and loaded site to for approval.

09 June 2015 – Content review.

03 July 2015 – Website launch.

06 April 2016 – Redesign website

30 April 2016 – Website launch with new design and layout.

19 March 2017 – Front page redesign